Wireless illuminometer

Wireless illuminometer

This device is composed of a plurality of illuminometer terminals and USB receivers, wherein the receiver is divided into a single point receiver and a master receiver, the single point receiver can only be connected with the same number of illuminometer terminals, the master receiver can be connected with all illuminometer terminals at the same time. The illuminometer terminal has two switching modes: single point mode and cluster mode, which are used for single point measurement and multi-point measurement respectively, and can be switched through the switch on the terminal. The USB receiver needs to be plugged into the computer for use. After the illuminometer software is installed on the PC and is running, the USB receiver can be automatically identified by inserting it and can be used to collect and record the illuminometer data of the connected terminal.

Product Details

  • ▲ Product configuration:

    10 illuminometer terminals, 10 single point USB receivers, 1 main USB receiver, 1 protective box, 1 paper instruction manual, 1 certificate;

    Product features:

    ★1, the illumination meter terminal and USB receiver can be wirelessly connected and transmitted measurement data;

    ★2, the illumination meter terminal has two measuring modes, which are single point mode and cluster mode;

    3, illumination meter terminal and USB receiver automatic pairing recognition;

    ▲4, illuminance meter terminal has an indicator to show power supply and working status light;

    5, the use of cluster mode, can be measured at multiple points, the collected data provides software calculation of Eav average illuminance, U1 illuminance uniformity value (range), U2 illuminance uniformity value (mean difference);

    ▲6, the illuminance meter terminal is powered by a battery and can be charged through a mini USB interface.

    Technical parameters:

    ★1, measuring range: 0 ~ 200,000 Lux

    ▲2, accuracy: 0.01Lux (low light)

    3, working voltage: DC 5V

    4, working current: 11 ~ 20mA

    5, working environment temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

    6, battery capacity: 200mAh

    ★ The after-sales service commitment issued by the manufacturer is provided in the response document, promising 36 months of free after-sales service.

    ▲ Including illuminometer software, function description:

    1, the software supporting wireless illuminance meter has a single point mode (single point measurement) and cluster mode (multi-point measurement);

    2, the software can display the terminal ID of the connected illuminometer, real-time detection data, manual recording measurement, Eav average illuminance, U1 illuminance uniformity value (range), U2 illuminance uniformity value (average difference), remaining power;

    3, Using the cluster mode, the software can calculate the average Eav illuminance, U1 illuminance uniformity value (range), U2 illuminance uniformity value (mean difference);

    4, can export the measurement report, there are PDF and xlsx format choice;

    5, data recording can be set collection period, manual/automatic recording, sampling interval time;