The Fourth Jiangsu Skills Competition Kicks Off-Combines High Skills With New Technology
  • By Vcom
  • 2018-12-07

The Fourth Jiangsu Skills Competition Kicks Off-Combines High Skills With New Technology

  Vcom, as the“information network cabling “competition platform provider designated by World Skill International,devoted itself into the fourth Jiangsu skills competition .
The fourth Jiangsu skills competition ,featuring the idea“stimulate education and training through competition,is the combination of skills competition with education training. In line with the national vocational standard and technical standard of World Skill International which is the highest level vocational skills competition,Jiangsu skills competition aims at cultivating the high- quality skilled talents through holding the high-standard technical competition to prompt the participating colleagues to optimize professional course and emphasize students hands-on ability. Combining the high skills with innovation skills,competition strives to develop the skilled personnel that meet the social needs and promote the technical innovation by docking the new technology and method to improve participants hands-on skills . Competition created good atmosphere by issuing incentive award and achieved widely publicity.

  The World Skills Competition ,regarded as the “world skills Olympics”,is the world’s highest level vocational skills competition,  leading and representing the world’s advanced level of vocational development.All of the national competitions held to build the platforms that comply with the world skills international standard to cultivate the talents that satisfy the enterprises requirements. 

Competition Introduction
  Participants are divided into two groups named “worker group “and “green seedling group”.  10 competition items for “worker group”as follows: CNC machining center (four axis), electronic technology, welding, Chinese food cooking, automotive technology, agricultural machinery maintenance, network security, general mechanical engineering (loader digger) operation, masonry, Zisha ware making. 20 competition items for “green seedling group”as follows:electronic technology,automobile technology,CAD mechanical design, industrial robots,gardening,information network cabling,restaurant service,western food cooking,heavy vehicle maintenance,furniture making.
One first prize, three second prizes and six third prizes will be awarded from the 24 participants from 14 colleagues ,and the prize winners will be honored the title”"jiangsu skills winner", "jiangsu craftsman", "jiangsu May Day labor medal" and "jiangsu technical expert" by provincial government, the federation of trade union,and the department of human resources and social security.
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The Fourth Jiangsu Skills Competition Kicks Off-Combines High Skills With New Technology
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