Chinese delegation renewed its record once again at "Olympics" in Skills
  • By Vcom
  • 2019-10-08

Chinese delegation renewed its record once again at "Olympics" in Skills

The 45th WorldSkills Competition came to the final moments and it’s time to go into the Shanghai time for the 46th World Skills Competition of 2021. The Chinese delegation has performed very well in this contest and won 16 gold medals, 14 silver medals, 5 bronze medals and 17 Medallions for Excellence.
Ms. Wang Yanfeng, General Manager of Vcom Education, once again stood on the podium of the World Skills Competition to witness the hot skills feast of the 45th WorldSkills Competition and the good achievement of the Chinese delegation.
Every participant reflects his extraordinary characteristics. It is full of mixed feelings and sweat behind each medal, which complements the experience of Vcom Education's journey out of the country to become the only member of the Chinese enterprises in the World Championship! 
On the night before the closing ceremony, an official reception of the Shanghai Organizing Committee for the 46th WorldSkills Competition was held on August 26 local time. Mr. Huang Shuaimin, chairman of Vcom Education, was invited to attend to witness the Shanghai time, the 46th WorldSkills Competition in 2021.  The reception unveiled the mascot and theme slogan of the 46th WorldSkills competition”Master Skills, Change The World.”Zhang Jinan, Minister of Human Resources and Social Security, Simon Bartley, President of the WorldSkills International, Minister of Education of Russia and Shanghai mayor Yingyong addressed at the event.
(Mascot and Slogan of Shanghai WorldSkills Competition)
As a member of the WorldSkills Competition,  Vcom Education, a Chinese enterprise together with the motherland, actively promotes the development of the WorldSkills in China and strives to write a glorious and profound memory for the WorldSkills Competition.
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Chinese delegation renewed its record once again at "Olympics" in Skills
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