Technical Seminars of "Optoelectronic Technology" & "MR_HoloLens System" Were Successfully Held
  • By Vcom
  • 2019-10-24

Technical Seminars of "Optoelectronic Technology" & "MR_HoloLens System" Were Successfully Held

General Secretary Xi Jinping recently gave important instructions to competitors from China in the 44th WorldSkills competition and Premier Li Keqiang also made instructions of “Vigorously develop technician education”and ”Speed up the training of a large number of high-quality workers and skilled personnel”.  They also put forward their expectation for the preparation of the 46th WorldSkills competition which will be held in Shanghai.
As the first Chinese "global industry partner" of WorldSkills International and the strategic cooperative enterprise of the National Technical Colleges high skilled talents training alliance, Vcom Education has been actively involved in the preparations for the 46th WorldSkills competition after successfully participating in 14 skills in the 45th WorldSkills competition in Kazan, Russia. Vcom Education adheres to skill innovation and international standard. The optoelectronic technology which is the WorldSkills new official skill proposal, and skills evaluation & training system by MR_HoloLens which is the WorldSkills experience transferred item have entered the stage of technical discussion and evaluation by officials of WorldSkills Intertional, experts of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and experts of representative colleges.

The technical seminars were held on Oct10-11,2019. The participants were Stefan Praschl, WSI Vice President for Competitions and Chair of the Competitions Committee,  Dr Michael Fung, WSI Vice Chair of the Competitions Committee, Fang Yuan, Vice Head of China Employment Training and Technical Instruction Center of MOHRSS, Yanlin Zeng, Vice Head Officer of Vocational Skills Identification Guidance Office of China Employment Training and Technical Instruction Center, Lei Ye, Vice Head of Guangdong Employment Training and Technical Instruction Center, Pro. Takuo Kikuchi, Project Development Partner of Skills Evaluation & Training System By MR_HoloLens(WSI SCM of Information Network Cabling ), Xiuying Yang, Project Development Partner of Skills Evaluation & Training System By MR_HoloLens and Principal of Shanghai Technical Institute of Electronics & Information, Liang Chen, Project Development Partner of Energy-saving Optoelectronic Technology-Principal of Chongqing College of Electronic Technicians, Weiqun Tang, Principal of Guangzhou Industry & Trade Technician College, Zhiqiang Wang, Principal of Yizheng Technician College.
Experts at the meeting extensively discussed the feasibility and technical standards of "optoelectronic technology”which was newly proposed to the WorldSkills Internatioal and "MR_HoloLens”which is the WorldSkills experience transferred item. The research results were highly recognized by the two chairmen of the competition committee of the WorldSkills International. They would like to recommend for use of "MR_HoloLens" in the 46th WorldSkills competition, for the sake of providing efficient and convenient working mode for WorldSkills competition with the purpose of fairness, justice, reducing working time, reducing workload, improving work accuracy and convenience.  
Fang Yuan, Vice Head of China Employment Training and Technical Instruction Center of MOHRSS, put forward specific suggestions on the direction of project rectification and promotion of application, and expressed support for application of "optoelectronic technology" project. On the basis of participating in the 45th world skills competition and applying for the competition, the project will combine technology with the development trend of industry and social economy to highlight the value of the industry with energy conservation, which is in line with the current global concern about greenhouse gas emission sources, energy consumption and its impact on the climate. In the context of global climate change and the urgency of green energy conservation, the company will practically promote green economy and the strategic significance of creating talent gap in emerging industries.
As the China's first 14-skill-sponsor of WorldSkills competition and the “global industry partner” of WorldSkills International, Vcom Education actively participates in the work of the world skills competition and continues to provide an international platform for global skills competition personnel training to try skills, understand skills and acquire skills. Vcom promotes the spirit of craftsman and assists vocational colleges to cultivate high skilled talents suitable for the industry. It adheres to school enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, sustainable development, and builds a globally proven talent training system of technical standard output vocational education. VCOM promotes learning and teaching by competition, integrates the competition standards at the highest level with all kinds of skill competitions, realizes the unified transformation of skill standards into teaching, and provides more schools with the same competition environment as the Worldskills competition.  Through the WorldSkills competition platform, Vcom wishes to be a cooperation bridge between Chinese schools and the member schools of the WorldSkills International. At the early preparation of this event, Vcom got the specific help and guidance from Fengyuan Xun, the technical education experts of the Ministry of human resources and social security and the director general of the high skilled talents training alliance of technical colleges.
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Technical Seminars of "Optoelectronic Technology" & "MR_HoloLens System" Were Successfully Held