Photoelectric technology training platform

Photoelectric technology training platform

The device conforms to the technical requirements and standards of the new project "Optoelectronic Technology Project" of the 46th Worldskills Competition, and meets the requirements of skill training such as manufacturing of optoelectronic application terminal products, implementation of optoelectronic application system, maintenance and optimization of optoelectronic products and systems. With the concept of photoelectric energy saving, environmental protection, health and intelligence as the core starting point, fully develop the richness of the application of photoelectric technology, and carry out the comprehensive utilization of diversified photoelectric products.

Product Details

  • Product specification

    1. Specification: 1670*1400*2000mm(length * width * height).

    2. Structure: C-shaped open structure, made of aluminum, sheet metal, wood and other main materials, high-strength electrostatic spraying.

    3. It can satisfy 2-4 people at the same time.

    Product configuration:

    1) Photoelectric technology engineering training wall 1 set:

    2) Neon module kit 1 set: including neon frame, 12V switching power supply.

    3) Lighting engineering installation and implementation equipment kit 1 set: including power strip, projection light, series small spot light, isolation transformer, Oriental pearl model.

    4) Intelligent lighting control system electrical equipment kit - main part 1 set: including light sensor, intelligent micro-motion sensor controller, intelligent lamps, intelligent health scene switch, warping switch, leakage switch.

    5) Power supply configuration: equipped with total power leakage protection control switch, three power sockets.