Photoelectric technology training platform

Photoelectric technology training platform

The photoelectric technology training platform needs to integrate lighting engineering, photoelectric sensor and LED display technology into one, and is based on the comprehensive application and debugging of photoelectric technology. By completing the practical training operation, the operator can master the skills of photoelectric technology application well, and meet the professional skills requirements of photoelectric related professional teaching standards.

Product Details

  • Product specification

    1. Specification: Length 1300-1350mm× width 750-800mm× height 1700-1950mm.

    2. Structure: ergonomic table structure, modular design. Aluminum alloy profile + sheet metal production, the upper body frame and the lower body frame can be separated independently, convenient disassembly; All equipment surface anti-corrosion and wear-resistant (sheet metal high-strength electrostatic spraying treatment), equipment with mobility (with high-load adjustable foot cups, can push wheels). There is an independent space on the back of the upper body of the training platform to facilitate the display training operation.

    3. The top of the upper body frame is designed with detachable punching plate, which is convenient for the light source or lamp to be installed and fixed in any position.

    4. It can be operated by 1-2 people simultaneously.

    Product configuration

    1. Wooden desktop with anti-static radio pad 1, specifications: length 1300-1350mm× width 490-520mm× height 1-3mm;

    2. Measure 1 flat rubber pad, specifications: length 1300-1350mm× width 470-490mm× height 1-3mm;

    3. Drawer 2, with built-in, stainless steel invisible handle.

    4. Cabinet and LED display installation box 1 set, with detachable door;

    5. Total power leakage switch 1, specifications: load through the current parameters are not less than 16A, 2P, occupying 3.5 bits;

    6. Three plugs 1, specifications: PVC material, can prevent falling, the maximum capacity of the power supply is AC250V, the maximum capacity of the current is 10A, yellow, national standard plug.

    7. One set of modules and one set of blackout curtains are installed on the top of the training platform.

    8. 1 set of photoelectric accessories: banana plug cable and other connection cables, banana plug can be interlinked with each other in the way of overlapping, plug with lantern reed production.

    9. Power configuration: Equipped with AC220V (50/60Hz) total power isolation transformer, power is not less than 2000W.