Intelligent health maintenance integrated information management platform

Intelligent health maintenance integrated information management platform

B/S architecture, sensors, health monitoring and security monitoring equipment for iot access to the Web platform.

Product Details

  • Main function modules:

    (1) Health screen module;

    Large screen of health data - such as the physical condition of all registered personnel, health big data, alarm information push, latest health monitoring data push, chart data statistics, etc.;

    Large screen of environmental data - such as alarm information push, environmental data information, chart data statistics, etc.

    (2) Service management module;

    Information registration - such as personal information registration, emergency contact information entry, health records (medical history, medical advice, catering advice), etc.;

    Intelligent care - such as intelligent regulation of the maintenance environment, environmental monitoring, health monitoring reminder, positioning query, etc.;

    Integrated services - such as health inspection service inquiry, medical service inquiry, etc.;

    Call center - such as emergency calls, emergency contact inquiries, etc.;

    (3) Health management module;

    Health data - such as data collected by health monitoring equipment;

    Health records - such as the health information of the service object, the data history of the monitoring equipment, etc.;

    Health knowledge - such as professional health terminology analysis;

    (4) Equipment management module

    Health monitoring machine - such as personnel information input, monitoring physiological indicators data;

    Smart health watch - such as device binding/untying, intelligent positioning, heart rate measurement, SOS alarm, step counting, etc.

    Surveillance camera - such as device binding/untying, real-time monitoring picture acquisition;

    Sensor equipment - such as temperature and humidity, light, body sensing, gas leakage, fire, door and switch data.

    (5) Help document module;