Electronic technology intelligent training platform

Electronic technology intelligent training platform

Made of aluminum alloy profiles and sheet metal, the upper body frame and the lower body frame can be separated independently for easy disassembly. The upper part of the body is the lighting fixture and equipment box. The panel of the equipment box can be disassembled separately, and the equipment and panel can be replaced according to demand to minimize changes. Can use AC 110v-240v power supply, compatible with different voltage ranges.

Product Details

  • Function description

    1, total power input: Through the isolation transformer, power supply to 12 sockets, and other equipment

    2, the human body sensor light: can detect the human body (can detect the static state); Turn on and off the light automatically, save electricity

    3, adjustable LED lights: adjust the brightness of the light, relieve eye fatigue

    4, expand the display: with wifi screen projection equipment, can achieve screen teaching; Free to adjust the position, rotation Angle, convenient for players to view the information during the game

    5, 10 inch display: display, pre-set adjustable power output parameters; Display and pre-set waveform generator output parameters; Set LED tube chroma, brightness; Show date time

    6, adjustable power supply, waveform generator: and 10-inch display linkage

    7, oscilloscope: extensible logic analyzer function

    8, teaching assistance system: courseware picture control (similar to PPT); Unified equipment setting and monitoring; Question call