Intelligent lighting KNX system test device

Intelligent lighting KNX system test device

Aluminum sheet metal structure is adopted, the operation and installation panel is mesh plate, and the back of the mesh plate is installed with wood; Easy to install control module and control equipment lamps, curtains. The top Angle protrudes the light belt.

Product Details

  • Specifications: Length 750-800mm* Height 1650-1700mm* Depth 550-600mm (length * height * depth).

    Configuration module:

    1. Smart touch panel

    2, 8 key European standard intelligent panel

    3, 4 switch with current detection module

    4. Two dimmer modules

    5, 4 curtain module

    6, 4 LED dimming module

    7. IP Interface Gateway 2.0

    8, bus power supply

    9, mobile, illumination sensor

    10. Software dongles