Intelligent electrical device training platform

Intelligent electrical device training platform

The use of European standard aluminum alloy and the thickness of not less than 1.5mm sheet metal structure combined into the top of the upward, four-sided expansion of the solid structure; Its dimensions are not less than: height 2.4m, main operating surface width 1.6m, both sides of the operating surface width 1.2m, both sides of the operating surface and the main operating surface Angle of 99°-110°; The top operation faces upward tilt at a certain Angle, and the Angle between the main operation surface is 100°-105°.

Product Details

  • Specifications: Length 3000-3100mm* Height 2800-2900mm* Depth 1200-1300mm


    1. Single-station independent power supply AC380V 50HZ/60HZ three-phase five-wire system with independent indicator light; AC220V single-phase power sockets 2, can provide computer power and player construction power needs.

    2. The equipment is equipped with visual power supply, which can monitor the value of current and voltage on the station, current limiting short-circuit soft protection and self-recovery function, overload protection, leakage protection, emergency stop protection, etc.

    3. The starting power supply of the station adopts a knob switch with a key and a starting power indicator. The training process ensures that students will not use electricity without permission to achieve power safety and equipment safety.

    4, with universal moving caster single wheel load weight of 500kg; The four-wheel load is 1000kg. It is convenient to adjust the station level and moving position in the competition arena.

    5, the station structure adopts rapid installation, assembly in modular form, convenient transportation, assembly, disassembly and so on. Save the disassembly time of the stadium station; Reduce disassembly personnel.

    6, the thickness of all the operating surface wood is not less than 17mm, can complete the electrical device line pipeline trough, metal bridge, building automation control and other process assembly tasks.

    7, equipped with T6 lamp LED lighting, to provide the lighting of the station

    Machine capacity: ≤5KVA.

    Configuration: The equipment includes current voltmeter, room frame, mesh panel, power distribution box, circuit breaker, lamp, panel, socket, etc.