Simulation Software

Simulation Software

The 3D virtual simulation demonstration system is developed by Vcom Education. It combines with the training experience of competitors in a Information Network Cabling WorldSkills Competition and the practical teaching experience of the global colleges and universities

Product Details

  • The software integrates rich knowledge points and videos related to the WorldSkills Competition, which enable the students to consolidate and enrich their theoretical knowledge.

    Beginners can operate virtual simulation system beforehand, understand the content of the skill, and then carry out training practice, which can reduce the consumption of training materials, also better assist teachers in teaching systematically.



    Product features:

    ·3D Scene

    ·Understanding Cable System Materials

    ·Understanding the operation mode of cabling system

    ·Understanding cabling system operating standards

    ·Compliance with World Skills Competition standards

    ·Knowing cabling system tools

    ·Understanding the operation process of cabling system

    ·Learning virtual software to reduce actual material consumption