Global Competition and Global Technology Situation and Development
Release time:2019-10-08

The "International Skills Development and Vocational Training Association(ISDVTA)

" initiated by Vcom Education, under the resource system of the WorldSkills Organization, builds an international exchange platform, promotes the development of professional projects to be more standardized and scientific, and provides industries and colleges a personnel training environment with track of international  industrial changes, and adapting to industrial development. 

ISDVTA takes docking industry and service industry as its responsibility, and gains skills and abilities through competitions, training and forum exchanges.

And the team represented by internationalized experts built by industry expert groups should give full play to the international communication platform, build professional docking, curriculum sharing, teacher training, student communication, special cooperation, management interaction, platform building, and strengthen the international vision and ability level teaching team. It builds innovative, compound and applied talents to meet the needs of industry, and strengthens the embedding of international general professional standards.

Taking ISDVTA as a breakthrough point, we should upgrade the level of internationalization of Vocational Education in professional construction and personnel training.

For more information, Please pay attention to the "International Skills Development and Vocational Training Association(ISDVTA)”.  For details of joining ISDVTA, Please contact 86-20-23380769.