Global skills competitors joined "information network cabling"competition
Release time:2019-09-11

The 45th World Skills Competition "Information Network Cabling" has lasted 6 competition covering 12 years.

The World Skills Competition raises the internationalized skilled talents, pays attention to the latest technology and pays attention to the transformation of achievements to realize the transformation of skills achievements and cultivates a wide range of skills.

16 competitors from 14 countries and 2 regions (Chinese Macao & Chinese Taipei) for a four-day competition attended the competition of Information Network Cabling . The 1st session M2 structured cabling competition was taken On August 23 local time (the first day of competition) for 5 hours. 

As the supporter of “information network cabling” products for WorldSkills International, Vcom showed itself on the stage for the second time.  

The competition products were upgraded on the basis of the first generation:upgrading structure in modular design,adjusting the connecting cabinet, floor cabinet and cabinet to the middle of the equipment, replacing multifunctional panels and equipping with corresponding connection frame and side plate, which made the training conditions more Diversified. By adding training areas of smart home and internet of things,equipping with household box and door installation machine and others, Vcom makes the training contents rich and varied.

Vcom offered the product of “intelligent information network training equipment” which was researched and developed by Vcom for “information network cabling” skill competition at the 45th WorldSkills Competition. The 2nd generation of the product provide the opportunity for the competitors from all over the world to exchange their ideas and skills.