Explore the "Guangzhou characteristic mode" of technician education in the new situation
Release time:2019-10-24

On October 18, 2019, chief Yin Yi and director Zhou Qun of Guangzhou Vocational Skills Evaluation Center visited headquarters of Vcom Education to provide guidance for the work. The two leaders got the knowledge of Vcom’s training products of information network cabling, industrial robot, Internet of things smart home system, business data analysis and application and other specialties. They also understood the development history of Vcom Education and the achievement of cooperation with WorldSkills International. CEO of Vcom, Wang Yanfeng made the introduction of “ optoelectronic technology” , the WorldSkills new official skill proposal and skills evaluation & training system By MR_HoloLens, the WorldSkills experience transferred product.  Both sides also discussed the "Guangzhou characteristic mode" of technician education and the new trend of school - enterprise cooperation under the new situation. 

As a first Chinese "global industry partner" of WorldSkills International, Vcom Education promotes the spirit of craftsmanship and assists vocational colleges to cultivate high skilled talents suitable for the industry. Vcom adheres to school cooperation, integration of production and education, sustainable development, and builds an international standard talent training system. VCOM promotes learning and teaching by competition, integrates the competition standards at the highest level into various skill competitions, realizes the unified transformation of skill standards into teaching, and provides more colleges with the same competition environment as the WorldSkills competition. Through the WorldSkills International platform, VCOM is willing to be a cooperation bridge between Chinese schools and the member schools of the WorldSkills International. At present, professional training bases have been established in Abu Dhabi, Zambia, the Philippines, Russia, France, etc. to strengthen students' practical ability and improve their core competitiveness in global employment through training.

At the meeting, chief Yin and director Zhou analyzed the current situation of technician education in Guangzhou. He pointed out that at present, vocational schools in Guangzhou have their own characteristics and should adopt the group type technician education mode to closely cooperate with enterprises. Cooperation between the two sides can improve the internationalization and standardization of professional construction, promote the transformation of achievements and employment, and export high-quality technical talents to the society. The leader highly recognized Vcom's practice of transforming WorldSkills competition standards into teaching and competition.  The two sides also reached a preliminary intention of cooperation, taking the WorldSkills as the starting point, and expected to establish a talent training base with international standards in Guangzhou, as well as in-depth cooperation in professional system and skill competition of colleges.