Vcom Education contributed to provincial and municipal trials of the 46th WorldSkills Competition -- October special session 4
Release time:2019-11-14

As of October 2019, Vcom Education has contributed to "information network cabling" of the 46th WorldSkills Competition in 2 provinces of Sichuan & Shanxi and 2 cities of Zhengzhou & Shanghai.


In November, Vcom Education continued to assist in the provincial and municipal trials of the 46th WorldSkills competition and supported "information network cabling" competition in 4 provinces of Shaanxi, Guangxi, Jilin, Jiangxi and a city of Nanjing. From the aspects of preliminary preparation, competition rules, competition platform, competition arrangement, etc., the competition standard of the WorldSkills competition was referred to, and the standardization of the competition was unified and fully integrated. The competition is of high standard and quality so far.

As the first of China and 19th member of "global industry partner" of the WorldSkills International,and the product and technical support provider of "information network cabling" competition for the 44th and 45th world skills competition, Vcom Education will continue to provide a unified competition equipment and technical support with the world competition for the world competition and provincial trials to help Chinese competitors grow their skills and give full play to their best achievements.

Introduction to the competitions in Shanxi province and Shanghai city:

Shanxi competition area

From October 21, 2019, Shanxi provincial trials included 7 categories and 30 occupations (types of work), which were Information Network Cabling, Autobody Repair, Automobile Technology, Car Painting, Bricklaying, Electrical Installations, etc. Among them, in the "information network cabling" competition, there were 12 teams from the province's cities, industries and enterprises. 56 competitors carried out fierce competition.  The main competition content of the project includes: indoor optical cable backbone cabling, with a duration of 60 minutes; copper cable link cabling, 100 minutes; large number of trunk cabling, 50 minutes; copper speed competition, 30 minutes.  Total competition time was 4  hours.

Shanghai competition area

With reference to the 45th WorldSkills competition, the competition has set up 51 projects, covering all six categories of the WorldSkills competition, including Information and Communication Technology, Transportation and Logistics, Construction and Building Technology, Social and Personal Services,Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Creative Arts and Fashion.  1198 competitors from 102 units in Shanghai participated in the trials. 

From October 24 to 25, the "information network cabling" competition was held, with 25 teams from 9 units participating in the competition. The skill requirements for competitors in the competition mainly included: completing the installation of optical cable, copper cable, 19 inch cable rack and information point, as well as terminal equipment according to the technical standards such as cabling and termination; testing the performance of optical cable and copper cable; removing the fault of optical cable and copper cable; installing and debugging wireless network, smart home and network application, etc.

With the experience of two WorldSkills competitions, the competition product provided by Vcom Education also been carried out technical innovation. On the basis of the first generation of information network cabling equipment module, the structure of the equipment was adjusted from L-type to T-type, so that the equipment was divided into two different construction areas;  And on the basis of the first generation, the smart home cabling box is added to meet the installation of smart home equipment; the equipment also reduces the 38u rack cabling setting, and changes to 32u rack cabling setting, reducing the height to make the equipment installation more convenient.


The trials of the 46th WorldSkills competition in all provinces and cities are conducted in strict accordance with the world competition standards. The trials need a unified competition equipment to support the competitors' skills training, competition and self-improvement. As the only competition equipment and technical support unit for the "information network cabling" competition of the WorldSkills competition, well education helps the competitors to move forward with the unified standards of the competition. At the same time, Vcom Education will continue to launch more convenient, efficient and intelligent equipment to support the "information network cabling" related competitions of the WorldSkills competition and China's skills competition, so as to do its best for the cultivation of skilled talents in China.