The Skills Evaluation & Training System by MR_HoloLens of Vcom Education won recognition by WorldSkills International
Release time:2019-12-04

On November 25, 2019, at the invitation of the WorldSkills International, Vcom demonstrated the“Skills Evaluation & Training System by MR_HoloLens”to the relevant attendance during the work conference of the WorldSkills competition in Shanghai. 


This system is jointly developed by VCOM and Shanghai Technical Institute of Electronics & Information based on the research and development results of Prof.Takuo Kikuchi, Polytechnic University Japan.

The participants included Stefan Praschl, WorldSkills Vice President for Competitions and Chair of the Competitions Committ; Michael Fung, WorldSkills Vice Chair of the Competitions Committee; Jane Stokie, Director of Skills Competitions; Zsolt Szekeres, Skills Competitions Infrastructure Manager; Jennifer Shackleton, Standard Consultant;  Fang Yuan, Vice Head of China Employment Training and Technical Instruction Center of MOHRSS; Yanlin Zeng, Vice Head Officer of Vocational Skills Identification Guidance Office of China Employment Training and Technical Instruction Center; Xingwang Sun, Director of organizing department of Shanghai WorldSkills Competition 2021, etc.   There were also national technical representatives from the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Switzerland and Colombia.

At the meeting, Professor Takuo Kikuchi demonstrated the three modules of MR system, including skill training function, expert scoring ability test function, and event scoring auxiliary function. The purpose of the system is to ensure the fairness and justice of the event, while reducing the working time, workload and accuracy of the raters.

After the demonstration, the participants wore the system equipment and had a live experience. They all marveled at the high-tech display of the system and said that the MR system is highly likely to be recommended for use in the 2021 Shanghai WorldSkills competition. At the same time, standard consultant Jennifer Shakleton pointed out that the system has great potential in other fields, such as post training for enterprise employees, which is also the next development plan of Vcom for the MR system.